Ranger Nessy

Hello, and welcome...

My name is Anon Ymous, although some prefer to call me E. Nigma (of course, those are not my real names, they're stupid: I actually go by Nessy, far more orthodox.)

This is my fun-filled site of personnel eccentricities and viewpoints (by the way I'm not funny, I just try to be, something not disimilar from the creepy perverted uncle who always attends numerous family gatherings.)  Please...don't enjoy.

If you ever visit this site, I may be watching you (although it's bloody unlikely you'll be living opposite my house, but look out of your window anyway.)

 Mugabe spelt backwards is E-ba-gum (say it in a rich Yorkshire accent, not disimilar from those twats off Corination Street)...all of my contributions to the internet state this fact, so you'll know it's me, and not someone with any credibility.

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